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Our Leadership

Kind Roots was founded on April 20th 2017.

Peter Saavedra


David Arana

Co-Founder/Senior Vice President

Nathan Barnett

Co-Founder/Vice President

Bob Leland

VP of Marketing

Our code of ethics

Our corporate culture is marked by the elevation, love and awareness we achieve when adding life to the roots of plants and the energy that comes with that work. Our company and its people are focused on restoring balance to the environment, and that “balance” is reflected in our products and work ethic. Our tribe, and the work that we do, represent the change and innovation which will best serve the expanding industry; this realization happened when we ceased trying to become that change and accepted the task at hand. Our passion for innovation through nature is what sets us apart and what will inspire those that decide to join us. Kind Roots works as a comprehensive team to consult, and more importantly serve, the stewards of our planet’s food and medicine producing soils.

Our elite team of microbiologists have developed an elegant technology that is a significant breakthrough in modern agriculture. We’re compelled to share this technology with the world. This desire drives our core belief and our highest goal: to nuture and heal our soils, which will in turn, nuture and heal our species. The time for all of us to return to balance, is now.

Our Promise

We deeply honor our clients and their work. Our promise to you is a noticeable improvement in your aroma, flavor and oil production or we will refund 100% of your trial bag purchase!

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Our Guarantee

Kind Roots guarantees your plants will achieve higher levels of terpenoid, flavonoid, and phenol production or we will refund you 100% of your trial bag purchase price!

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