Soil Balance Pro

Troy Rettig

Island Breeze Farms - Carpenteria, CA
To average over 30% THC is something that I've never experienced throughout the entire farm. Not just certain strains that pump out more THC, we're finding this throughout the entire farm.

Tai Israel

16+ Year Grower - Northern California
It's a next level product. I think anyone is going to see it immediately, they're going to see it in the final product, they're going to see it in the bag, they're going to see it down the line in extracts. It's a no brainer, especially if you want to be competitive in the industry, you need things to give you the edge.

Franny Tacy

Franny's Farm - Western North Carolina
We will absolutely use that (Soil Balance Pro) and, not only that, I'm recommending and requiring that for any farmers that are growing for our Franny's brand.

Matthew "Maverick" Hurley

Franny's Farm - Western North Carolina
The roots are furry and white and just teaming all over the surface of our soil and inside the soil.

Tom Abbott

Peak Nurseries - Central Colorado
The first test came in and we were at 84% cannabinoids on an extraction. After we decarboxylated it we were still at 75%. I told Tom at that point that this test is wrong, we are going to have to retest it, because that's not possible. Sure enough we retested it and the numbers came back the same. That was a shock to us, we have never experienced anything like that.

Sykes Mitchell

Big Top Farms - Central Oregon
We got into a situation with being able to turn our lines off and on and look side by side at what the results were. We were absolutely blown away with this product. Soil Balance made the difference over and over again when we ran it through the lines to feed our plants.

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We deeply honor our clients and their work. Our promise to you is a noticeable improvement in your aroma, flavor and oil production or we will refund 100% of your trial bag purchase!

Soil Balance Pro

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Kind Roots guarantees your plants will achieve higher levels of terpenoid, flavonoid, and phenol production or we will refund you 100% of your trial bag purchase price!

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