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5 Ways to Increase Your Terpene Profile and Generate Higher Profits

Some call it the “vital force” of the soil and others call it “biodiversity”. One thing however is for certain, different types of root and soil microorganisms play the single most important role in increasing the types and amounts of Terpenes a plant is capable of producing. In fact, the Netherlands top scientists at the Institute of Ecology just discovered that “Terpene” is the world’s most spoken language. Soil Balance Plant and Soil Probiotics “Professional Formulation” contains 62 different types of living organisms which grow and sustain on plant roots. Within the 62 strains provided in this product are old school strains like endo and ecto Mycorrhizae and super potent strains of Bacillus Subtilis and Trichoderma. However Soil Balance Pro goes above and beyond by utilizing over 50 proprietary strains of microbes that have been taken or “isolated” from flowering plants in their natural growing environments. In hydroponic environments where biodiversity is limited, adding your plants familiar microbe partners is like giving it a whole new digestive system which makes your investment in fertilizer, a good one. The strains found in Soil Balance Pro are specific to roots and soil which make them ideal for hydroponic and soil environments. 

When thinking about the microorganisms that live on your plants roots, it is important to understand that it is not what a single microbe can do on its own, but what they produce in combination that makes them truly effective. Good microbe combinations will produce acids, chemicals and enzymes around the roots which have multiple effects on the plant and are all called “Secondary Metabolites”. Some communicate with the plant to produce oils and other enzymes will break down the large particles of organic and synthetic fertilizers and turn them into a smaller particle size (almost liquid form) that the plant can actually absorb. They can break down salts and these enzymes can boost the plant’s immunity. Simply put, the more fertilizer your plant can absorb the more material it has to create more oils (Terpenes). Soil Balance Pro contains specific microbes that naturally make enzymes, as the plant needs them, at very high levels to give fast results!

Those in the know, understand that the true benefit of compost tea is not only the microbes but the “humic and fulvic particles” it contains which feed the root microorganisms. Soil Balance Pro microbes eat and reproduce with carbon. Compost tea, when applied immediately after it is created, will contain a myriad of living organisms that come from plant leaves and animal intestines. Soil Balance Pro contains over 10,000 times more microbes per gallon than many  compost teas. Unfortunately, many compost tea microbe strains when introduced into the plant root or soil have a short lifespan because they came from the leaves or animals and not the roots. Lastly, IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME to wait 3 months to make a batch of compost, not to worry! A nice substitute is Humic Acid, worm castings, Molasses, kelp and Soil Balance Pro. These are the absolute best products to add to your roots to give the microorganisms the food they need to continue to grow and absorb that nutrients. The products listed above are “carbon” based and will additionally give your plants some organic nutrients. All 62 strains in Soil Balance Pro regenerate with these carbon sources for long term sustainability.

The key to Terpene types and high levels is to “fill the gaps” so that your plant has a diversity in nutrients as well as a diversity of microorganisms. It is well known throughout the industry that organically produced flower is some of the best on Earth with the highest Terpene levels. So why is this and how can I easily do it, you may be asking yourself. NPK will fill Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium but what about all the rest? One of the best sources of perfectly balanced nutrients is our Earth’s ocean. It contains the perfect balance of nutrients to support human and plant life in a single drop. There are products on the market that have taken ALL of the salts out of these products and left the correct and natural amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, Boron etc. Everything that is needed in a natural and assimilable or absorbable form. Worm Castings or humus is also a “perfect” balance of nutrients as it is humus. Humus is nutrient dense soil. The microorganisms found in Soil Balance Pro create humus on the outside of your roots in addition to helping absorb more fertilizer and nutrients. The key with these types of products is to “fill the gaps” or give the plant a little bit of everything so it has nutrient diversity.

Soil Balance Pro is a formulation of living organisms designed to do the work for you. By increasing the life on your roots, terpene levels, overall quality and the bottom line will be sure to increase. At the end of the day, the only thing that is going to set you apart in this rapidly expanding and highly competitive industry is the quality you put your name behind. The introduction of 62 different organisms that will give to your plants and your growing environment in place of “take” the way pathogens do. Believe in yourself and your ability to utilize microbes to increase your quality. Believe that the time for balance, is now. 

The Soil Balance Professional technology has been created for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards of our lands and plants. Kind Roots is dedicated to providing products and service levels to our cultivators which care for them as they work compassionately to create medicine for their clients who suffer and trust in their medicine. We respect and admire our growers and the team of highly accredited microbiologists, plant pathologists, agronomic consultants and the growers using Soil Balance Pro, all believe, that the most advanced technology man can learn from, is nature. The time for Balance, is now!



Kind Roots guarantees your plants will achieve elevated levels of terpenoid, flavonoid, and phenol expressions or we will refund you 100% of your trial bag purchase price!

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Increase Your Yield and Your Profits

Dispensaries test for quality and pay accordingly. Terpenoid testing is on the rise because the ability to quantify a flowers taste, smell, color and effect on the human body is determined within these plant produced oils.  Unfortunately, many growers today have not realized that microbes and ONLY microbes are the key to increasing terpene counts. With Soil Balance Pro it is easy and affordable to not only increase the different forms of Terpenes but the amounts as well.

A grower in Arizona named Joseph was able to naturally increase his entire crops Terpene levels by 330%. For four years, Joe had been growing the same strain only this time he was paid 21% more money per pound due to his quality increase. His average terpene level went from 0.35% to 1.29%. What was truly amazing to the lab, was the balance over 6 different types of terpenes. This “diversity” of terpene types and high levels of each type is what increased his gross profit by 21%.

How Soil Balance Pro Increases Terpene Profiles

How Soil Balance Pro Increases Terpene Profiles


Strains in microbiology are as important as strains in Plants.  The 62 strains combined in Soil Balance Pro are new discoveries in the field of advanced microbiology. The ability to combine all of these strains in a stable form is a scientific breakthrough and sets us apart in the agriculture market. The combination of these newly discovered strains produce enzymes, acids, hormones and chemicals, unique to Soil Balance. The art of quality will be defined by the level of life you give you plants. The time for balance is now!


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