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Soil Balance Pro

One way to know if something is good for your program is to try it for yourself. We are happy to provide a free sample for your own evaluation and for the opportunity to have you as a future customer.

Try Soil Balance Pro

Complete this form to receive a free sample. To support our retail partners we will send your sample to the grow store of your choice for local pickup. If you have any questions please email us at . Note: We limit samples to one per customer. You will receive a confirmation email when your sample ships so that you can track its progress.

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We are a data driven company and we would love it if you shared your experience with others. If you complete at least one of the following options we will give you a coupon for your first purchase of a single bag (100g or less) of Soil Balance Pro equaling 10% for each option completed (Up to 30% off).

You will use the free sample bag according to the provided instructions, on a portion of your grow.

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