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Meet the Kind Roots Family

Peter Saavedra
Peter SaavedraCo-Founder
Peter brings 18 year business owner , leadership experience and sustainable agriculture consultant. As Founder of several agriculture firms he has dramatically increased sales, innovated product lines and refined marketing initiatives & content. “The time for balance is now. “
Bob Wright
Bob WrightCEO
Bob brings 20+ years of leadership experience in global organic and conventional agriculture & distribution.
Donna Wagner
Donna WagnerCFO
Redantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa qu ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architectos beatae vitae dicta sunt explicaboemo enimse ets.
David Arana
David AranaCo-Founder & VP of Sales
My work is motivated by a desire to create a story that I can be proud to tell my children. For this reason I promote organic cultivation and sustainable growing methodologies that will enhance the quality of life for humanity. I have 20+ years experience in the agriculture industry. My specialties involve sales and connecting the links within a supply chain that drive organically cultivated commodities toward multiple market sectors.
Shannon Way
Shannon WayCo-Founder & VP of Public Affairs
I have 15+ years experience in public, legislative and investor relations. Before leaving Texas for Arizona I worked for a public policy think tank where my talents were focused on criminal justice reform and fighting the drug wars. My passion to help people, plants, and our planet, along with my three beautiful children, and my cat Cicero, drive me every day.
Nate Barnett
Nate BarnettCo-Founder & VP of Technology
In order to ensure the health of our future generations we must honor, respect, and care for our mother nature. My beautiful family and friends share this respect and I have made it my life’s work to do everything I can to help protect our planet. I’m proud to bring my passion for people and technology to Kind Roots and to leverage my abilities to help our team, our customers, and those who share our respect for the preciousness of life itself.


We believe that all life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our plants and soils. There is a balance in this life. We feel that our part of that balance is to care for our Earth in a conscious, considerate and nurturing way. The Soil Balance regenerative technology has been created for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards of our lands and plants. Soil Balance is a tool which gives growers the ability to cultivate within the art of sustainability. By simply adding a comprehensive community of “life” to the soil and roots of plants, growing becomes proactive work in place of a reactive one. Soil Balance gives growers improved plant and commodity health, yields and most important, exponentially high nutrient density and overall quality enhancement. We believe that for our species to elevate and evolve, we must be aware of what we consume. Soil Balance is a tool of change and one of hope for our environment by working with nature in place of trying to improve a sacred system. Kind Roots is dedicated to providing powerful natural products and service levels to all of our growers who work compassionately to create nutrient dense food and herbs. Our team of highly accredited world class microbiologists, plant pathologists, agronomic consultants and the growers using Soil Balance all believe that the most advanced technology man can learn from, is nature. We believe that the time for balance is now. Welcome. 

If you are new to the concept of plant probiotics then welcome. You are on the right track if your search is to help improve soil, your environment and the quality of your food. Soil Balance Probiotics have been developed to possess true industry staying power and give our growers fast and real results, naturally. While also allowing our users to redefine quality standards like never before. Soil Balance is a breakthrough, 100% organic technology and has been meticulously formulated, university tested and refined for over 20 years to address the industries most pressing issues. Please connect with us today at 866-390-2908. to learn more about our scientific mode of action and how our different microbe “strains”, scientists, consultants and products, live up to the hype.

 The Soil Balance Professional technology has been created for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards of our lands and plants. We know you work tirelessly to create medicine for your clients that suffer and who trust in you. Kind Roots is dedicated to providing our growers with an experience and service level where they feel they are truly being cared for.

We guarantee that your plants will achieve elevated levels of terpenoid, flavonoid, and phenol expressions
or we will refund you 100% of your trial bag purchase price.

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