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There is a balance in this life. We feel that our part of that balance is to care for our Earth in a conscious, considerate and nurturing way. The Soil Balance regenerative technology has been created for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards of our lands and plants. Soil Balance is a tool which helps growers cultivate within the art of sustainability. By simply adding this comprehensive community of life to the soil and roots of plants, growing becomes more proactive and less reactive. Soil Balance gives growers improved plant and commodity health, yields and most important, exponentially high nutrient density and quality enhancement. We believe that for our species to elevate and evolve, we must be aware of what we consume. Soil Balance is a tool of change and one of hope for our environment by working with nature in place of trying to improve a sacred system. Kind Roots is dedicated to providing powerful natural products and service levels to all of our growers who work compassionately to create nutrient dense food and herbs. Our team of highly accredited world class microbiologists, plant pathologists, agronomic consultants and the growers using Soil Balance, all believe that the most advanced technology man can learn from, is nature. We believe that the time for balance is now. Welcome.

If you are new to the concept of plant probiotics you have found the right place. If your search is to help improve our environment, our soil, and the quality of our food and medicine, we are here to serve you! Soil Balance probiotics have been developed to possess true industry staying power and give our growers fast and real results, naturally. While also assisting our clients in redefining quality standards like never before. Soil Balance is a breakthrough, 100% organic technology and has been meticulously formulated, thoroughly tested, and refined for over 20 years to address the industries most pressing issues. Please connect with us today at 866-390-2908 to learn more about our scientific mode of action and how our different microbe strains, scientists, consultants and products, live up to the hype.

We believe that all life and human sustainability on this planet is intimately connected to the health of our plants and soils. We believe that now more than ever, is our time for consciousness and a deeper sense of compassion towards nature. We believe that the time for balance, is now.

Kind Roots and its plant probiotics have taken over 20 years of testing and refinement for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards and caretakers of our lands. Our group is dedicated to providing best in class, all natural products, service and consultation to the men and women who cultivate our plants and work compassionately to create medicine for those in need.

The Soil Balance Professional Formulation utilizes the most advanced technology that man can learn from... nature. We believe that nurturing plants and giving to the life within the soil, is the way to ensure the long term existence of our species. Rather than take from the earth for our own survival and sustainment, we believe that nurturing it with life, will improve our health, energy and consciousness.

We believe in Soil Health and microbe farming to help counter balance the excess amounts of carbon that the ocean is absorbing. We believe in Soil Health so that the land can retain its precious groundwater and stop erosion. We believe in Soil Health because nutrient dense food is our future and will elevate human intelligence and our capacity for compassion. We believe in Soil Health because plants have co-evolved with us so that we may feel them as they feel us. We believe that the time for Soil Balance... is now. Please connect with us today at 866-390-2908 and learn more about how our scientific mode of action works and how our different microbe strains, scientists, consultants and products, live up to the hype.

The microbe strains found inside Soil Balance are just like the family of employees at Kind Roots. The living organisms in Soil Balance understand that their long-term survival depends on restoring and nurturing their environment to excellent health. If their host plant dies, they will die along with it. This innate grasp of truth inspires them to be tireless contributors to their plant’s needs and the microbial community, unlike pathogens, which believe that the host plant is their for their survival and sustainability, they take from host plants in order to survive. Pathogens take for their survival and Soil Balance probiotics give for their survival. Two different approaches and only one increases the long term health, energy and consciousness of the plant. All of the 62 strains in Soil Balance never stop working as a unit or team to improve conditions for the host plant and the sustainability of their species. That makes them a lot like the highly accredited microbiologists, plant pathologists, marketing professionals, family and friends who make up the Kind Roots family. We have all united to give back to our planet. We are aligned with the organisms we represent.

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We deeply honor our clients and their work. Our promise to you is a noticeable improvement in your aroma, flavor and oil production or we will refund 100% of your trial bag purchase!

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Kind Roots guarantees your plants will achieve higher levels of terpenoid, flavonoid, and phenol production or we will refund you 100% of your trial bag purchase price!

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