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The Living Organisms Born To Give

The ground upon which we grow our food and produce our medicine is perceived by all of us in many ways. There are those who view and use the earth as nothing more than a tool to be utilized for our own survival, sustainment, and benefit. Many of us exist without contemplating our personal or collective impact and how that resonates with the well being of our environment. Then there are those of us who were born with the innate desire to protect her. From birth, our need to care for our planet has been close to instinctual. We understand that our long term survival and that of our children is contingent on the level of nurturing and compassion we give to our Earth and environment. Like the body of a plant which grows to nourish, only to give itself back to the soil for the betterment of its environment. Those of us who wish to care and give back to our earth understand that if we do not protect her and nurture her, our long term sustainability and that of future generations is at stake.

The human organisms, occupying our earth, have so very much in common with the microscopic organisms living in the soils that allow us to produce our food. There are diseases or “pathogens” in our soils that “take” and contribute nothing back to their host plant. They are only interested their own survival and death possess no conscience for what they have received. These organisms in the soil that live on plant roots possess little or no regard for their soil environment or future generations. Those of us who have seen the signs of sickness in one another or in our plants have witnessed first hand the work of pathogenic “organisms that take”. Conversely, there are soil microbes that I like to refer to as the “givers.” Their life is based on what they can give to their host plant, or “planet.” Giving is what their life is all about (like a good human nurturer or the kind of people that find giving makes them happy). The Soil Balance Pro microbes understand, innately, that giving to, caring for and nurturing their environment for optimal health will ensure the long term survival of their species and host plant. There is no other way for them to live their lives other than for one another and for the betterment of their environment. They understand if they do not live this way, they will die. Their growth and sustainability on plants is instrumental to the health of plants and it is also intimately connected to humans and the quality of food and energy we take in from our food and medicine producing plants.

Most of us understand the toll that intensive modern day agriculture has taken on the life, biology or “digestive system” of the soil. The work of re-introducing the correct microorganism strains to soils today is faced with many challenges and disappointments. Many growers have become disenchanted to say the least. Compost tea only has around 100,000,000 microbes per one gallon of solution. In addition, the majority of readily available microbial inoculants or compost teas contain microbes derived from plant leaf tissue residues or animal intestines. These microbe strains are, unfortunately, not soil microbes. When a microbe, intended to live in animal intestines, is introduced into the harsh soil environment they do not survive. This propels the notion that microbes work but not as well as organic or synthetic fertilization products. Therefore, to get a natural product to provide “fast” results, like fertilizers, microbial companies add food sources like molasses, humic acids, nutrients, enzymes, and hormones to give these microbe strains which normally die after 30 days a fighting chance. The industry has been in a holding pattern for many years due to the proven efficacy of organic and synthetic fertilization methodologies. However true balance and the time for life or the correct strains of giving microorganisms for optimal health and plant growth to heal our plants and environment is now!

Unique Soil Microbes

I have been given the opportunity to work alongside 62 very unique soil microbe strains that we named Soil Balance Professional Formulation. Over the years I have come to truly admire each one of these organisms as individuals for what they do as a group for their environment and host plant. I consider them some of the most noble “givers” of any living organism on this planet. Their lives are completely devoted from day one to the betterment of their environment. These 62 different soil microbes live and work together in harmony. They support one another and make sure their lives are 100% dedicated to the health of their host plant by creating unique and proprietary naturally occurring enzymes, acids and chemicals called “secondary metabolites”. When introduced to a new plant root environment they do not compete with existing microbes but work to help everyone in their environment benefit the plant, even the “takers”. All 62 strains of microbes in Soil Balance Pro live on the roots of plants which means they only need water and a root system to survive and regenerate which makes these strains ideal for Hydroponic growing as no soil is necessary. The name Soil Balance comes from our company’s desire to improve the health of our soil as we believe that all life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our plants AND soil (earth).

Most of the plants which produce our food and medicine are currently being grown in soil that was never meant to sustain plants like corn, cannabis, tomatoes, vines, hops and strawberries. Most plants humans grow are being cultivated in a non indigenous soil environment. The microbes they have naturally co evolved with in nature are simply not there and no amount of food we put in the soil will replace biology that does not exist for that particular plant species. So the addition of the correct beneficial soil microbe strains or the plants digestive system is one of, (if not the most) important aspect of plant cultivation. The problem is, we have never really been able to easily sustain microbes on plant roots or in our soil environments. We add microbe tea or compost tea and multiple amendments. Sure results can be good when the soil is dead and you ad some life but few growers have seen spectacular results. This has left growers disenchanted with adding microbes due to this cumbersome and often times labor intensive approach. This has been the case for many years, until now, until Soil Balance.

Imagine microbes that grow faster than herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides can kill them? Imagine microbes that regenerate on the roots for the entire duration of the crop cycle. Imagine adding the correct microbes to your plant that it naturally co evolved with in nature. This is now all possible with a pure microbe tea which 1 gram of Soil Balance Pro creates. 62 strains and 61 trillion microbes in one gram.

My admiration for these little givers stems from the fact that they were born knowing that their life is to be lived for the betterment of their environment and the plant they reside on. As a thinking creature, this innate virtue inspires me. What I also find fascinating is that it directly relates to all of us if we are able to utilize our naturally occurring desire to love and be loved. In addition, the essence of this nobility to give is relative to the creation of Soil Balance Pro and the microbiologists who developed it. They simply wanted to give a new tool to organic, sustainable, and conventional growers that would allow any grower of any level, the ability to increase their soils biology in a complete and comprehensive fashion. Each human on this earth has something unique that they create. So does each of the soil microbes in Soil Balance. However our microbiologists have found that it’s not what a soil microbe can achieve on it’s own, but what they produce in combination that makes them effective. The synergy of working together towards the betterment of this earth is something we can and should learn from these living organisms that are born to give.

Understanding Why They Are Important

So what is it that these microbes do and why are they so important to us, our health, and the health of our planet? If you can relate to soil microbes as individual living creatures that are just like you, they are really easy to understand. When we say the word microbiology, some people tend to naturally fall asleep or set their brain to boring mode. However here is a simple explanation of what this invisible world means and does for our plants. As our microbes eat and drink, they each create their own special enzyme, otherwise known as (microbe poop). When one enzyme from one microbe is mixed with another enzyme from another microbe, it forms a very special recipe for soil and plant health. Our 62 different strains of microbe poop or the scientifically referred to as a (secondary metabolite), are combined together on the roots of plants. As the microbes multiply these secondary metabolites become one thick layer that completely coats every centimeter of the plants roots for the duration of the crop cycle. This thick “biofilm” on the root is one of a kind to Soil Balance Pro and is essentially the gift that the Soil Balance microbes give to the plant.

This main layer works primarily for plant health and plants love it! This layer of secondary metabolites will keep plant roots completely white and healthy for the duration of the crop cycle. White roots should tell you something about soil and plant health. After the “biofilm layer” is created, the plant then begins to communicate with our microbe strains and our strains communicate with the plant. They communicate with the plant through these secondary metabolites they produce. Some enzymes (microbe poop) work on the outer layer of the root and act as an acid or chelating agent to buffer salts away from macro and micro nutrients tied up in the soil right next to the root. This is especially beneficial because when the root grows into a new area where let’s say a Phosphorous particle is too large for the roots to absorb, the secondary metabolite layer which is around the roots will break it down. Almost how humans juice our fruits and veggies making it more bio available. This makes your investment in fertilizer more worthwhile and effective. These microbial givers do not stop there however. When water enters the soil they share a communication enzyme with the root system that signals it to grow thicker in the presence of moisture in order to absorb more water. In an irrigated agro-ecosystem this communication is constant. This happens because some of the strains in Soil Balance Pro are from desert regions and this is the same message desert microbes give their host plant when it rains. They say “hey plant, the water is here! Grow bigger to absorb all this!”. Some of our bacteria strains communicate with the plant to help it create enzymes for larger growth. Both of these modes of actions increase root biomass and as all good growers know, root biomass equals yield increases. Yes nutrients play a key role in pushing the plant but without the root structures to support that growth there is no balance. The roots digestive system plays a key role as to how large root systems can get and that is where Soil Balance comes into play. Our plant growth enzymes are some of the best in the business and are all naturally occurring and produced by our microbes and not added in artificially.

So these are just a few main aspects of what the life in the soil can do. One day we will tell you how they help seeds germinate. What else but life could do this? The right microbial community is the only thing that will allow the plant to reach its full genetic growth potential. In the case of flowering plants, bacteria is the only thing that has been proven to increase a compound in trichomes called terpenes. Terpenes are what create a plant’s aroma, color, and flavor profile.

These amazing Soil Balance organisms create a sustainable community on the roots of plants which consists of trillions upon trillions of microbes, stacked upon one another. As they reproduce through a process called (binary fission) they are able to give more and more. Giving is what their life is all about (like a good human nurturer or the kind of people that find giving makes them happy) it’s really that simple. But what is truly amazing to me, is that once they have their host plant at optimum health levels they begin to colonize and improve their surrounding environment and improve the soil. This is where adding the correct beneficial microbes to our environment can assist with water sustainability by creating humus, carbon sequestration, soil erosion, groundwater purity and human evolution through optimum health. This last sentence is a big one and we hope it resonates.

The way Soil Balance microbes live and work in a natural soil is not unlike Mycorrhizal strains that grow out in intricate webs. However Soil Balance’s bacteria take it a step further and grow into every single available space within hard-to-reach, compact soil aggregates. Their initial objective is to find food and water (for their host plant). As more water becomes available, they begin to grow on every piece of crop residue or organic matter that is in the soil. And then they begin to “compost” or digest any organic material right around the root zone! Their goal in this is to create a spongy material that can hold 80% of its weight in water called “humus” next to the roots. Soil Balance microbes will create humus in a hydroponic or soil system as they create humus on the roots or root zone called the rhizosphere. This process of creating humus on the root, allows the plant to take in or push out water as needed. In under 90 days, old crop residue or any mineral or carbon particle in a hydroponic and or soil system is turned into “humus.” Lots of it. This is not for their benefit, as many of them die during this process as they work to create this material. No, they are again, doing this for the benefit of their host plants and future generations. You would unfortunately never catch a pathogen creating humus! After the formation of humus which is dense in nutrients the plant can absorb, the Soil Balance Pro microbes communicate with the plant roots telling it “it’s time to grow in the direction of bioavailable nutrients and water.” The microbes on the carbon die, once it is decomposed, but the insoluble hydrophilic humus formation they have created will be there for future generations. So in a nutshell, this means we will have larger roots that can hold more water and a soil that needs to be watered less. These givers are allowing plants to exponentially increase nutrient contents in their leaf and finished commodity. The end goal with the energetics of giving Soil Balance to your plants will eventually create a better, healthier finished product for humans so that we can improve our own nutrient uptake from the plants we should honor, cherish and nurture with our compassion and consciousness. If we can achieve this level of care for our plants, humans will continue to evolve in a more conscious manner and our health, sustainability and survivability will be intertwined with the health of our own environment, which we are all a part of and have a deep interconnectedness with.

The circle of life continues and the life of all plants must come to an end. This means the end of our soil microbes’ “universe.” Upon the plant’s death, many of our 62 strains will die with it but many live on. As Saprophytes, our strains will begin to turn their dead “host plant” into rich humus or a bio available food source for future plants. Their objective is to keep as much water in that humus as possible to sustain themselves so that when the next “universe” or host plant comes along, their environment is better than when they found it. This ensures the survival of their species and the health of their environment.

Some humans feel that one of the greatest gifts in life is the opportunity to help another. Those individuals have a lot in common with the microscopic organisms found in Soil Balance probiotics.

We, as organisms on Earth, are one of the few species that can think into the future. We are here to give of our spirit and intellect and care for the plants and the earth that sustains them. The plants can feel us and will, in turn, evolve to care for us. By loving one another and understanding the interdependence we all share with this one “host planet” we inhabit, we can and will become closer and more effective, thus better able to care for our Earth its plants and one another. This and only this approach which will ensure our long term survival. So we can learn a lot from what these givers of the unseen microbial world are teaching us if we are receptive enough and humble enough to learn from something smaller in size than we are. Our technology is nothing more than finding the giving strains in the soil that naturally occurred with plants in their natural environment. Their teachings are one of understanding that the most advanced technology on our planet is not the cell phone. It is nature and it is harmonized with human energetics and connectedness as a whole. We may never understand why we have been placed on this planet with the ability to love and nurture her, but the opportunity to give of ourselves is our gift if we so choose.

At Kind Roots, we believe that the life and health of our soil is intimately connected to our own. Our work for the past 20 years has been to locate naturally occurring microbe strains that will support plant growth and restore vital life force. The microbes found in Soil Balance Pro are soil bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes. Soil Balance Pro is not created or fermented in large tanks. Each strain is incubated by a team of microbiologists and one batch takes six months to produce. This manufacturing process allows for consistency and the highest of quality standards. Soil Balance Pro contains no add-ins or fertilizers whatsoever. It is also not derived from compost, animal waste, or plant-based materials like crop residue. Soil Balance Pro is non GMO. Our strains were born in the soil and thrive on plant roots as rhizobacteria. Kind Roots would like to welcome you to a new era in soil biodiversity. On behalf of the Kind Roots family, we’d like to introduce you to Soil Balance Professional Formulation. A regenerative and sustainable living community which exemplifies the interdependence we share with our plants. Connect with us today to learn more about the living organisms born to give.

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