University Results Statement from Robert I Bruck Ph.D.

Efficacy of Soil Balance Pro
Statement and White Paper Data
Robert I. Bruck, Ph.D.
Alumni Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University


My name is Robert I. Bruck, Ph.D.  I received two doctoral degrees in Ecology and Plant Pathology from Syracuse and Cornell followed by a 35 year tenure as Alumni Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University.  

In 1995 I was retained as a consultant with an Australian corporation who had partnered with Martin Marietta Materials Corp. of Raleigh NC; to lead a group of university based scientists in testing a microbial soil inoculant. From 1995 to 1999 I was in charge of distributing and coordinating over $1.5M in research grants to 14 land grant universities.  Testing was conducted using various soil rhizobacteria (actinomycete) micro-organisms and was completed on bell peppers, corn, cabbage, tomato, cotton, cucumber, potato, lettuce and turf to note a few. Some of the scientists who participated in said testing included, but was not limited to: Dr. Erik Nelson, Cornell University at the Dr. Smiley laboratories. Dr. Donn Shilling, Former Director University of Florida West and Mid-Florida Research Center. Dr. William Becker, Illinois Sustainable Agriculture Experiment Station. Janell M. Stevens Johnk, Texas A&M University Plant Pathologist. Dr. Paul Nelson, NC State University, Professor of Horticulture. Dr. Krishna Mohan, University of Idaho Plant Pathologist. Dr Robert Mikkelsen former soil science professor NC State University. Director International Plant Nutrition Institute. Dr. Candace Lowell – Central State University Ohio and myself. The summary of that research was given to Kind Roots, Inc. by myself, for use in public forums.

All of the microorganisms used in the research are currently included in the Soil Balance Pro formulation of today. Efficacy can be achieved utilizing the current Soil Balance Pro formulation on the above mentioned commodities due to the particular mode of action found in these microbial strains and is therefore a valid assessment and disclosure of the Soil Balance Pro product functionality. The original formulation was a liquid concentrate and contained no synthetic nutrients to support the reproduction of the actinomycetes or enhance plant growth.

Soil Balance Pro is the third generation of the original formulation, SC27 PLUS ORGANIC (SC27) which is an OMRI certified product. Soil Balance Pro is a wettable powder and contains four ingredients which are USDA certified organic dextrose and yucca as carriers, and rhizobacteria and fungi which live and sustain solely in and around the plant rhizosphere or root structure. The Soil Balance Pro wettable powder contains NO plant nutrients and has NO fertilizer effect on plant growth. Additionally, previous liquid versions under the name SC27, contained NO synthetic fertilizer add-ins. Current, ongoing research demonstrates that Soil Balance Pro significantly promotes plant growth, development of secondary metabolites (terpenes, phytoalexins and hormones) and consistently yielding outstanding results for our growers. Kind Roots is currently going through OMRI certification of Soil Balance Pro.  

All of the research contained in this document was overseen by myself and independent university scientists listed throughout this paper.  I have authorized Kind Roots, Inc. to use this data under the name Soil Balance Pro due to the fact that all of the strains utilized in these trials are currently used as a base in the Soil Balance Pro product line.