Kind Roots Release from Robert I. Bruck, Ph.D. Regarding the Efficacy of Soil Balance Pro

Kind Roots, Inc.
Media Inquiries:
Shannon Way

Scottsdale, AZ OCT 20 2017 – Kind Roots, Inc., manufacturer of Soil Balance Pro, today released a statement and white paper data from residing Board Member, Robert I. Bruck, Ph.D., who holds two doctoral degrees in Ecology and Plant Pathology and a 35 year tenure as Alumni Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University, regarding the efficacy of Soil Balance Pro. 

From 1995 to 1999 Dr. Bruck oversaw research using various soil rhizobacteria micro-organisms on consumable commodities. The results of his research show significant increase in plant growth, development of secondary metabolites and yielding consistent outstanding results for cultivators.

When asked about his experience conducting the research included in his statement, Dr. Bruck shared, “As a scientist I have had the opportunity to study many different plant agro-ecosystems, and of course part of my responsibilities as a university professor, and now as a private sector scientist, is to look at the various products that are out on the market to test them, to find out their efficacy and of course then compare them to the SC27 line of products. The good new is, and perhaps it is the reason I am still with this company, is from my studies, I have never seen a product that gave such a wide ranging, long range effect, in terms of improving soil health, plant quality, and hence producing more profit for the grower.”

Dr. Bruck’s full statement and white paper can be found on the Kind Roots website at https://www.soilbalancepro.com/microbe-matters/2017/10/20/statement-robert-i-bruck.