To our valued customers & supporters,

It has been brought to our attention that one of our colleagues has put out some misleading information on the internet about Soil Balance Pro. Many of you have questions and we are here to give you answers.

First, we would like to thank one of our colleagues in the industry who brought it to our attention that we had uploaded an outdated MSDS on our site. The correct MSDS is now available to view.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

This same colleague additionally had questions and numerous accusations about the validity of university test results found on our website. The main test being questioned was regarding a turf analysis done by a PhD student of Dr. Richard Smiley’s at his lab at Cornell university. Many corporations who conduct university testing to refine and further improve the efficacy of their products understand that the lead professor of a laboratory is oftentimes not the actual person who conducts the trial. It is very common in university testing to use PhD students and aids, to conduct research on behalf of a professor or department director for outside corporate entities. This was the case for this particular study.

Another comment made by our colleague to further propel animosity towards our company was that we are using GMO sugar in our Soil Balance Pro products. Rest assured, all Soil Balance Pro products are made using USDA certified organic sugars. We will soon begin our OMRI certification process for Soil Balance Pro. In addition, we are currently reaching out to third party labs who can further verify the ingredients found in Soil Balance Pro. Our product is NON GMO and is 100% organic and always has been. 

Lastly, many of you have asked us if due to the fact our tests are older, are they still in fact valid. The answer is yes. The exact same strains in every one of the tests shown on our website are inside the Soil Balance Pro formulation. This gives us the older efficacy demonstrated as well as new effects due to the addition of new microbe strains conducive to enhancing nutrient density, aroma and flavor profiles. Our hope is to soon replace these older results, some of which date back 21 years, which use just a few of our strains, with results that are current and show the true efficacy of our strains when in combination. We are currently working towards this. Our priority is to make Soil Balance Pro a vetted, comprehensive and affordable tool.  

With respects to our colleague, who has been propelling incomplete accusations, negative rhetoric and as of recently, pure falsehoods or lies against us on the web. At Kind Roots we choose compassion. We hope that you will now do as much to help our reputation as you have done to harm it. We understand from multiple sources that the reasoning for your falsehoods and accusations is due to an account loss from a client who decided to move forward with Soil Balance over your product. We understand this situation and would be open to discussions on a mutually beneficial outcome where we can both prosper. Our team has been a part of the USDA organic certified food industries development for over 20 years and has helped multiple natural solutions companies flourish and sustain in that time.

Many of the businesses and people in our industry are new to it. The more pioneering and innovative we are as entrepreneurs, bringing in new paradigms and systems, the more we open ourselves to adversity. In this life, it is our trying moments that define who we truly choose to be. We choose compassion. The Kind Roots family stands behind every claim we have made about our product, it’s efficacy and its results. We stand behind our customers and supporters with the deepest level of gratitude and appreciation.

We invite you to turn attacking arrows into a rain of flowers by using “compassion” at checkout for a 15% discount. We hope to support our competitor and his business should they decide to help this industry grow with educated comments in place of work to destroy conscious companies working to give, support and nurture it.

With respect,

The Kind Roots family